How to Clean Chrome on a Car

Hello. My name is Jason. I’m talking on behalf of expert no, you’ve been, every vehicle has a chrome part, Tom. It could be in the front and the sides in the back. I’ll talk a topic cause a different now you know you do wash the vehicle as with the high-pressure water or even fall. Then you want to dry it off. Then you see all these water spots on the chrome area. You can never get rid of that. Even if you go over it on a rack, could be kind of frustrating.

Now what I like to do, the best way to remove all this water spots and Chaga and buildup that’s been building there is once you do wash it and clean up with a rag, what you want to do is you basically get a Polish, just like a wax or Polish, you know, something that was, you know, taking the scratches away and bring the color back to life. It just simply get some Polish, you know, and you just go over like that air removed as you can see all the water spots.

Makes it look really shiny. You don’t have any more water spot on there. Then add this Doodad. You want to simply get a blue cloth and just go over like that and make sure all these saw monks are removed. You have yourself a shiny chrome.

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