Beware Mobile Mechanic Scam

If you have an older car, you know how expensive repairs can be. That’s why mobile mechanics are more popular than ever. They promised to come by your house and fix your car for a fraction of what a dealer would charge, but for the third summer in a row, we’re getting complaints at none in your side about mechanics who are not doing the job. David just opens the hood of his Buick to show me what he’s almost embarrassed to admit. He was ripped off by a scam mechanic.

There he found mechanics offering their services for between 25 and $50 an hour, half the price of a dealer, so he called one and paid him cash upfront for some needed parts, but when the mechanic city was done, David says he realized he had been taken. David was out more than 500 bucks with an unrepaired engine, so we searched online and found this is a common scam nationwide.

There’s nothing wrong with most mobile mechanics. They can save you money, but AAA warranty to get their address and Google them, make sure they have a truck full of professional tools, not just some wrenches and screwdrivers. Ask if they take credit cards. Most legitimate mechanics do and is David learned, never pay cash in advance.

Since we first looked into this topic two years ago, none of your sides continues to field complaints about tristate mobile mechanics. Continuing to do the same thing. If you’ve been ripped off in a car repair, let me know and as always, don’t waste your money.

Mobile Mechanic Mechanic Near Me The Used Car Guy

This is all about the mechanic mobile mechanic service on the partner with tech mechanic. There is really good service or they’re trusted, they have fully vested mechanics. They’re competitive on price. You can actually see the work they’re doing at your home or workplace if you want to. Which I find is one of the biggest benefits, uh, they were cooler in the UK. So what I’m going to do in this video is just quickly walk you through making a book and a mechanic because it differs depending on the service that you want. So if you want us to get an interim service on your car, it can be very straightforward. If you have a problem with the vehicle and you’re not sure what the problem is, a, you need to add some additional information. I’m going to show you how to do that.

So I’ll keep this brief. Uh, the first thing we’ll do is put in a postcode than putting a registration of a vehicle, preferably Oreo. Okay? Just let that load. Incidentally, while this is loading, you’ll find a link to the clip mechanic website directly below this video if you’re on youtube or if you’re on my webpage right now. Okay, so when that page is loaded, you’re brought to this one. You’ve got three options, really simple. You can either order service at your home, you can get the repair, uh, if you know what’s wrong with your vehicle, you can have an inspection as well so someone can come out and diagnose the problem with your car. So that one is just slightly more complicated. So if you want to book a service, you just click the button here, you’re taking kids to the service page and you pick the item that you want.

So let’s imagine that I wanted the entrance to service. It will tell me what is and is not covered in that service. Uh, there’s a pop up here. It tells us what’s included in an interim and what’s included in full service. I find it’s a great feature if I wanted to order an interim service, I click add and it will tell me the exact cost, including Vat. So that’s a really important point with some of these mobile mechanic services, uh, they don’t include the bat and the initial process you get with click mechanically do so if you use a different service and watch out for that straight away. So it’d be 105 pounds, 78. If a wanted a Mac as well, I can look for additional information. It would tell me the mechanical come and collect my car tickets to the met station and bring it back to my address as well.

That’s all included in the price. So if I wanted an interim service and a mot with collection and delivery, it’d be 154 slashes 78. All in a franchise dealer, it’d be about 260 pounds probably plus vat a. So you can see it’s really competitively priced as well as being a trusted brand. Let’s take uber to the repairs tab. So this tab is if you know what’s wrong with your vehicle and you want someone to come out and fix it. So let’s imagine that you know what’s wrong with your car sets, pots at social highest. It won’t start and you know, it’s probably a battery because you’re turning the key and the car is not really turning over and that will be an indication it needs a new battery or the battery at least needs investigating. You see popular and you find a battery replacement here and it gives you more information.

So the mechanic will come out, he will test your battery in short. It doesn’t just want recharging on the levels of my battery, won’t topping up, uh, if they don’t and it does need replacing them, they’ll do that as well. Uh, and then you just clip art. It would appear in your cart here on the right and that you’d go into the order page. Now let’s come to inspection. So this is slightly more, not complicated, but it just requires your attention a little bit more. So this is based on you having a car that’s got a problem. It’s either broken down or as a mechanical problem with the car running, but you’re not quite sure what it is. So what you can do here is actually order a diagnostic inspection. Again, with these added features that could mechanic has more information, you can see exactly what’s going to happen with the inspection.

Okay, so here we’re going to say that the car isn’t starting, it stuck outside my highest and it won’t start a kicking art and it’s 44 panes, 10 including VAT and including the correlate charge that’s all in and the mechanic will come out and try and diagnose what’s wrong with the vehicle outside your house or your place of work. That some action. I want to order this service now on our next step. We’ll just load cases. Has got my details here is asking me for any other information I might like to add about the inspection car, not a turning over. For example, I have my address there and a date and time and I liked the repair to be made or I’d like the investigation to happen. So I’ve got the 27th of February, that’s on Monday. It’s the 25th, so that’s less than two days away from eight till 10 in the morning.

Suits me. Uh, this section down here, section five, collection and delivery, it says that some are candidates will prefer to take the course at our workshop that was probably said it can put it on a ramp if they need to get under the car and they’ll collect and return it to your address if you want them to make the repair outside of your highest. And that’s kind of a strict policy with you. Then don’t click this box. You just click the final step. The page is loading and then here you would enter your payment details, but know that you’re not actually paying for the service before you have it. This is just so you can have a confirmed booking with quit mechanic. So really it’s a show of willing to, once you put in your car details here, um, your book and will be confirmed, or my booking would be confirmed for this coming Monday today could investigate the problem with my car. That’s pretty much it. As I said at the beginning of the video, there’s a link directly below this video to the mechanic. You’ll also find other links to other important pages on my website that people seem to really enjoy, so I hoped you enjoyed the video. Thanks for listening. I’ll speak to you soon.

How to Know if a Timing Belt Is Bad

So the question comes up. How do you know if your timing belt is bad? First off, what’s the timing belt? A timing belt is a rubber belt typically mounted underneath the engine cover that is used to transfer power from the crankshaft to the camshaft. It does the same job, the time and belt on this car is located on this end. If we’ve removed the cover in order to make it easier to see it’s operation and condition. In certainly that would be the easiest way to tell if indeed the timing belt was bad is to remove the cover and get at it. But in many cases, it may not be quite that convenient to actually do that because it could take hours worth of work and you don’t even know if that’s the reason why the vehicle won’t start.

So there are other symptoms that we can look at and determine whether it is likely that a timing belt is bad. First off, one thing that we can do is we can actually take and hook up a vacuum gauge to the intake manifold and observe the vacuum as we crank the engine over. One of the first things is that you learn a trade school is basically that while on injured provides power. Basically, it’s a pump. So the air comes in through the air cleaner, goes through the edge and, and basically leaves out the exhaust pipe. So we are looking for signs of suction at the intake manifold. As long as the time at the belt is whole and working, we should have some back room. And if it’s not that we won’t have any, we may actually have some pressure. So, in this case, I have hooked up a remote starter switch and while the cranks over we’ll watch to see if there is some evidence of vacuum.

There does seem to be, so this could it be one easy way of telling if we potentially had a problem with the timing belt. There are other reasons why an edge you could have a low vacuum. However if the engine vacuum is there, then we know that it is working as a pop in that part of it is good. The next thing we can do is look for some evidence that the camshaft turns the Camshaft directly or indirectly is responsible for opening and closing the valves in an engine. In this case, we’ve actually removed the valve cover on this engine and while we cannot see the camshaft, the Camshaft actually is located underneath where these rocker arms are and the valves can be seen with their springs right across the front of this engine.

And it’s all one of the other sides that we would look for to find out if a time about was bad, is whether the valves operate or not. In many cases, you could actually see these rocker arms through the fill hole for the uh, oil. One of the things that we’re looking for is when the engine is cranked over to see if customers will often ask, how do I know if my timing belt is going bad owl, it’s very difficult to tell whether it’s going bad or not because say for instance, like with this timing belt, and this is a typical long with the cogs on the inside, we are going to inspect this part of it and it looks pretty good.

There are no cracks in it that they’re immediately obvious. But the truth of the matter is if we look at this end of it here, the belt has actually broken in to and this vehicle stop running because at the time in bell had actually broken the one if this one came from. So basically you want the thing to take into consideration with a timing belt is that they have a recommended service interval at which they should be changed. Depending on the car, that interval could be every 60,000 miles up to 120,000 miles. So I’ll change it before you end up with this situation. And the timing belt breaks. It’s important because in some vehicles they have what is referred to as an interference engine, and at the timing belt breaks, you could end up with the significant amount of engine damage because the valves and Pistons could collide. So Jay’s owes time of belts when it’s due.