Commercial Deep Fryer Safety Tips

Protection comes first

Deep-fried foods are delicious but cooking these foods can be risky if not done properly. With hot oil and grease temperatures reaching 400 degrees Fahrenheit, safety is important. When the customer and the oil are submerged in the fryer it can burn evil for the operator coming out of the fryer. Here are some smart care tool solutions to provide you with some helpful safety tips when using a fryer in a commercial kitchen.

Commercial Deep Fryer Safety Tips | Dine Company

Deep fryer safety tips

Just like any cooking utensil, there are tips and suggestions to help keep the operator away from damage. Commercial deep fryers operate at very high temperatures and deep fryer oil can cause severe combustion.

Floor mats – Something that seems too simple can help prevent slippery floors. Since a fryer is sprayed with oil, placing non-slip floor mats in place can help prevent falls.

Footwear – Like mats, wearing non-slip shoes can help keep you on your feet.

Safety Equipment – When using a fryer, the Class K fire extinguisher should always be within reach and when changing hot grease should use potholders, vapor resistant gloves, or stove mitts.

Storage – Every kitchen needs storage. When you have a fryer in your kitchen, you should keep frequently used items away from fryers. This will help some people to avoid getting burned when trying to access the necessary items.

Clean safely – Deep fryers must be cleaned. The first thing you should always do in the morning when cleaning the oil in the fryer tank is to cool it.

In smart care equipment solutions, we understand how to choose best commercial deep fryer foods like onion rings and fry loved electric fryers and deep-fried fires operated at such high temperatures, how to handle these pieces of materials is essential for kitchen safety. Whether it’s safety tips, preventive maintenance, or equipment repair, we’re here to help!