Garden Hand Tools Buying Guide

If you are a green-finger expert or just like garden potters on the weekends, the right garden tools will make it easier to manage all your pruning, cutting, digging and planting tasks. At homebase, great tools for gardening are limited – just follow this guide and you’ll soon find the right tools to get your work done.

Types of garden hand tools

Spades & forks

Digging tools are essential for working in the garden so if you are only going to invest in one tool, make it a spade or fork. Here are some tips to help you choose the right tool for you:

Typically, the spade and fork come with a 28 or 32-inch shaft.

You can choose from a variety of handle styles, including D-shaped, T-shaped and Wisbon handles.

The size and style of the handle you choose will depend on your height. It’s a good idea to go to the Homebase store to see which one you find most comfortable.

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The spade and fork from the homebase are made of plastic, wood or metal. Depending on how dense and heavy your garden work is, the range lets you buy what you need. Buy a plastic variety if it is light weight, or a metal handle is best if you need something of higher durability.

While a high quality spade or fork will help dig most of your garden, you may want to invest in some small handheld tools for delicate borders. Trolleys are easy to use and ideal for working on vegetable patches, pots and tubs.


Husk is used to loosen and move the earth and is ideal for weeding large areas of soil. They come in different sizes and can be made from plastic, wood or metal. Strong metal weeders are best if you deal with heavy duty work, but they are much more expensive than lighter plastic versions.

You can choose from two main types of foot plates, both designed for slightly different functions:

A pool pick handle has a blade set at an approximate right angle. Pull pulls create a downward cutting action on the ground and are then used to pull the straw back towards you.

Push hoses have a blade that is gently angled from the handle, much like a spade. To use this type of weeder, simply press the handle to push the blade forward, forcing the blade down.


A good rack is an invaluable tool for numerous garden works and these vary in the shape of the head according to different tasks. Usually, most rocks have long handles so you can work comfortably. However, shorthand records may be suitable for more complex work in flower beds.

Typically, wide rake heads have more teeth and are made of plastic or flexible materials, while narrow heads usually have smaller, harder metal teeth. This makes wide-headed racks for lawns and sidewalks, and narrow-headed racks better for working with soil.

Planting & weeding tools

A variety of different afforestation tools are available when planting seeds, bulbs and seedlings. Each is made from different materials and priced appropriately for different budgets. Here are the tools you need and their functions.

Things to consider before buying garden hand tools

Before investing in any new garden tools, it is a good idea to think about the size and makeup of your outdoor space and the desired look of your garden. If you have a large garden with a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables, you will need more variety of tools to make your garden look its best. If you are planning to focus on a full range of vegetable patches or flowering plants, investing in expert planting and cultivating tools will make your job much easier.

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